Joinery connecting your spaces

We all want a great result from our desire to have a beautiful home.
There are many cabinetmakers.
There are many designers of cabinetry.

SpaceDesign is just about that, designing the perfect piece of cabinetry for that special space.

What makes SpaceDesign unique is a blend of an understanding of space combined with functionality and a passion for great design and quality.

What does this all mean?

With extensive experience in shop fitting, interior design, exhibition design and cabinetry design coupled with a proud body of work, we offer a service personally fitted to your needs.

There is an art to being pragmatic as well as designing bespoke joinery for each individual space.

We understand that the investment into your home is to add value with creatively designed and well-built joinery.

When we visit your home to evaluate your space, we listen to what you have to say about what you feel would work for you.
We create the right design, select materials and a budget into a perfect package.
Our photographic portfolio of installations is available to give you inspiration as well as to give you confidence in our creative ability.

The photographs on this web site show a taste of the detail designed by SpaceDesign. Add to these installations by a team that cares about the quality and you as a client. This gives you the beginning of a winning combination right through to hand over and ongoing support.

Your home, as a material asset is the most important investment you have made.

The cabinetry we install will be a joy to you and your family in design functionality.

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