Kitchen design for living

Your kitchen we believe is the heart of your home.

We use the ‘BLUM’ Dynamic Space System developed in Austria.
Blum has guided our team in all aspects of their high quality fittings and ergonomics. Hardware such as hinges, drawer runners offer the right solution for every door or drawer with their silent and effortless closing action.

Everything in your kitchen has a place and is always close at hand. The new Space tower pantry makes optimal use of storage space this is also compatible with Servo drive and Tip on for handle-less furniture.
Space corner solutions ensures space in every corner cabinet is optomised with ergonomic and ease of accesability. Full extension offers access into the farthest corner and even small items can be organised.

Every innovation should not only bring about functional imrovements but also should also consider the emotional and design aspects. Design is therefore integral part of every development

Ergonomics are the essence of a kitchen, that everyday will make ease of accesses with smooth running fittings.
From our experience a high quality kitchen should work faultlessly for a minimum of twenty years.

Should you choose 2 pack paint finish, solid timbers, laminate or veneer our design will follow these fundamental rules to give your home a kitchen without compromise.

Our kitchens are installed with you in mind, we remember to give you cutlery inserts, twin bins for recycle and normal waste,
pot drawers and a pantry that works for you. We include splash backs and bench tops. There are many other new and innovative components that we can allow for in your new kitchen.

Most importantly we listen to what you have to say about how you would like your kitchen to be that heart of your home.

By working with you, we can use our extensive expertise to design and create your dream kitchen.

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